Unknown Quantities #7

Publication Design

UQ is an annual publication by Central Saint Martins. For the 2019 edition, the theme is fluidity — as a method, fluidity of a process, of identity, of thought or of motive, interrogating the boundaries of a publication itself. From metaphoric portraiture and generative typography, to plasma physics and contemplative essays, UQ7 probes the form and functions of a publication. This resulted in a non-hierarchial and interchangeable order of content, using a metal clip binding.

Rachael Allen
Ana Helena Arévalo
Elias Hanzer
Dom Kesterton
Sean Kinson
Process Studio
Slanted House
Studio Moniker

Lily Abram
Ioli Athanasopoulou
Francesco Cordola
Francesca Forty
Johanna Hammer
Sean Kinson
Aylea Skye

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