+ type design
+ web development
+ 3D motion

Schemata is a variable display typeface that responds interactively and in real time to facial expressions and emotions expressed by the reader. Its purpose is to draw attention to the reader and to stay in dialogue with them in order to contrast and highlight the conventional and hierarchical use of static typefaces.  In conventional use, authorities, be it author or designer, choose typefaces and, therefore, pre-contextualize displayed content based on specific characteristic features of typefaces. They therefore influence and control intuitive processes of content interpretation. Schemata examines the threshold of the reader and the author and recognizes a range of facial expressions. It reacts by modifying its shapes using a face-tracking code enabled through the webcam and seeks to open a dialogue on input/output, interpretation as well as emotionality of typefaces.

This is an ongoing project, the latest iteration shows Schemata variable in 3D